CEO Message

A Company Building the Korean Financial Industry Infrastructure

We strive to grow into a "Global and Comprehensive Financial Data Company".

FnGuide and WiseFn merged in Magok to establish the new FnGuide.

For the past two decades, the two companies accumulated massive amounts of financial information and data while developing and supplying various stock indices and investment solutions, growing into a key infrastructure company for the Korean capital market.

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the importance of big data and artificial intelligence is growing, and the increasing overseas investments is raising the demand for global data. The two companies concluded that it is necessary to combine our human and physical resources to effectively respond to such market demands, and executed the merger. With a corporate headquarter placed in the Magok Research Complex, the merged company expanded its R&D department, establishing a condition to focus on the development of new technologies and products.

The vision of FnGuide is to "Change the World through Data". To achieve this, FnGuide plans to expand the scope of Korean data collection and more actively acquire global data. Artificial intelligence technology will be introduced and services channels will be diversified to open API, cloud, and mobile, to enable efficient analysis of data and information. New business areas such as fund evaluation, credit rating, and consulting will also be further strengthened.

Thank you for your support, and we ask for your continued interest in FnGuide, now starting anew at Magok.

  • CEO Goon-ho Kim
  • CEO Cheol-soon Lee